Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thoughts on the Letters to the Seven Churches

Recently, while I was reading this portion of Scripture (Rev. 2-3), I noticed something I had glossed over before. The Title that Christ gives to Himself for each of these Churches is very interesting.

To Ephesus He is the one who holds the Seven stars in His hand, and who walks among the seven Candlesticks, showing both his knowledge of their lack of love and also His ability to remove the candlestick unless they repent.

To Smyrna, He is the first and the last, who was dead and is alive. This is very appropriate for Smyrna, because they to were facing death, and were to be faithful to death. He shows forth His own death and resurrection to encourage them as to theirs.

To Pergamos, He is the one who has the sharp two-edged sword. This is the word of God, which can divide between the truth and the errors that were found in Pergamos. It also is the sword which He promises to bring against those who continue in their errors (Rev. 2:16).

To Thyatira, which had a firmly rooted problem of immorality and false doctrine, He is the one with eyes of flaming fire and feet like bronze. His eyes search the hearts of that Church and none can hide.

To Sardis He is the one who has the Seven Spirits of God and the seven stars. They need the Seven Spirits because they are alive only in name, and lack the true life of the Spirit.

To Philadelphia He is the one with the Key of David, who has power to open and shut irrevocably. He uses this power to open a door for this church.

To Laodicea He is the faithful and true witness, who always remains full of zeal and neither waters down the truth nor allows His zeal to cool. Laodicea has need of both these things.

I find it interesting that Christ’s self-revelation is linked to the need of His Church – truly He is all we need and we are complete in Him!